The union of breweries publishes latest results from all breweries in Czechia:
• 142 litres of beer per capita in Czechia
(down by 23% in 2020)
• 81% Czechs are open to taste regional microbrewery products
• 41% likes to experiment with mini-breweries beers
• 45% of people is willing pay up to 40% more for microbreweries 

Guerilla research on social media

We identified the core personas using the jobs to be done template.
Business context

We filled the canvases with the client during a workshop

Service Blueprint
A way to communicate to stakeholders how the service is conducted. Two levels of visibility define what is on stage for customers and what essential services hide in backstage.
Customer actions are taken by personas Tina The Relative and Brad The Donee.
Idea validation
I build a prototype of the customer facing interface for the service and tested it with potential users. 
Hiring a service designer?
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