Don Rico Saluveer CEO
"With Otakar's profound understanding of human behavior, cutting-edge grasp of AI trends, and an impressively streamlined design process, he was a valuable partner in crafting innovative and impactful solution as well as motivating design lead."
Katerina Vacková
Founder of NGO Loono, Forbes 30 under 30
"Otakar created designs that tell stories with added gamification principles. Not only is Otakar great at presenting his creative ideas, but he also excels in bringing them to life by supporting his team in daily operations. Otakar brought the design culture to our diverse product team. He won the hearts of the developers by understanding their workflow and what they need to code most efficiently."
Jaromir Coufal
Product Management Lead @ Meta
"If I were in position where I can involve him into my business, I wouldn't hesitate. If you do so, you will get active, deterministic guy, who is willing to show his talent and learn more."
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