Don Rico Saluveer CEO
“With Otakar's profound understanding of human behavior, cutting-edge grasp of AI trends, and an impressively streamlined design process, he was a valuable partner in crafting innovative and impactful solution as well as motivating design lead.”

People work hard but the outcomes of the hard work lacks clear direction toward their ideal life. This drains their energy and causes mental issues. Wayy developed a methodology that guides people toward better life and my job was to transform this methodology into a digital product.
I conducted early testing using other existing products, allowing us to gather crucial feedback on the framework we were planning to transform into a product. This approach saved us design time and provided valuable insights into the users' mental models.
Low fidelity prototypes and testing
Initially, the product was envisioned as a mobile app. However, after meticulous testing of each iteration, we found that mobile devices were not comfortable for users for the given task. As a result, we shifted our focus to developing a web-based app instead.
The a screenshots from Figma below, showcase four iterations of prototype evolution. The second screen (dark background) shows interactions of the prototype that is ready for testing.
Design System and high fidelity design
I created a design system based on MUI and the brand manual. It required adjustment of the basics MUI components and creation of components that are specific. We meassured MUI saved us approximately two weeks of work.
Development handover
I developed a system that allows design changes in Figma to be directly populated to CSS, eliminating the tedious task for developers of manually updating changes, such as shifting from 2px to 4px. To ensure integrity, I used Git versioning, giving developers complete control over the changes implemented. I collaborated with developers to standardize the workflow, which is documented in the accompanying diagram.
I worked directly with the CEO and the development team. I later hired two additional designers to join the project. We worked asynchronously, as we were spread across three different time zones.
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