Czechia is below the European average in mortality by preventable diseases. 26% of yearly deaths are marked as premature. 60% of the adult population does not regularly visit preventive checkups.
This was the dream for every designer, the research was mostly done prior to me joining the team and was well documented in business model canvas, personas and excerpts from studies that were describing the current health situation in Czechia.
I was given creative liberty in crafting the app's user journey with the goal of moving the user towards a better quality of life. Through storytelling, I encouraged users to complete useful tasks that are otherwise mundane. By combining game design techniques with storytelling, the app promotes long-term relationships by tapping into the user's motivation.

I created a low fidelity flows to present the high level idea to the whole team

After implementing all the feedback, I worked closely with an illustrator to create the best character for the story

Game design
I learned from books Actionable Gamification and Gamify about game design. I attended Gamification course by IDF and analysed other platforms to understand how they work with user motivations. Then I applied the knowledge to the app's game design mostly by using Octalysis method.

Game design phases by Yu-kai Chou Octalysis framework diagrams

We worked in the team of product designer, product owner, marketing specialist and copywriter on merging the story in the typical journey of the user.
UI design
I created a basic colour, font and shape style. I defined the mood boards and created the first screens that later defined the user interface of the app. I started hiring a team of designers to speed up the UI design.

When the design is ready, we lock it so developers have stability. 
We design all states in the screen section and give them context in flows.

I led the team towards testing every part of the app. They worked together to prepare guidelines for testing that could be followed by less experienced members of the team. I kept track of the work in Confluence.
The whole team was distributed and we kept the communication partially asynchronous. Tools like Miro, Figma, Jira, Confluence, Google Meets and Slack made the remote work comfortable.

I used the Slack video messages regularly to show the designs in a clear flow. 
The feedback from development team was very positive.

I grew from product designer to the design team lead of the project. Read more about it.
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