The website setup is an overwhelming activity and becomes a bottleneck because all new customers need to be supported by consultants. There is only a limited amount of consultants. 
42% of customers need more than 50 days to setup their website.
I analysed the resources available to the customers for free without the assistance of a consultant.
- Help topics
- Video tutorials
- User Interface instructions

The customer journey reflecting the path every customer goes through

A map reflecting the current distribution of website setup features across the whole system

Sorting cards with a customer at an annual conference, organising the feature information architecture


New information architecture

A storyboard to build the empathy with the typical customer

UI Design

The story translated into task flows that stood as the base of the interface design

Low fidelity interface design of B2B E-commerce management system ready to be tested 

Feedback from the leadership
“You have created a vision that will drive the change of the product.”
– Allison Manetakis, VP of Product Management

“The way it was presented will change the way other people in the organisation communicate their ideas.”
– Joao Lopes, Director of Experience Design

“The same creative thinking that was brought to the vision definition needs to be applied into the delivery.”
– Patrick Puck, VP of Engineering
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